Dating Tips For Women- Is He Interested In Me Or My Body

In case you are wondering what he will be checking out, here is a survey of what single men from a nation wide dating tips group responded too?

 50 percent of this group said they look at the woman’s face.

33 percent said the butt.

17 percent said breasts.

So, keep in mind before your rush off and have breast implants thinking that single men are going to check them out first. Not true.  You might get more attention, not the right kind of attention.

Single men are more impressed with a woman who has confidence than the size or their breasts. A sense of humor helps. Both of those outweigh any other feature about a woman.

Next, let’s talk about intelligence. A classy single man looking for a meaningful relationship does not want a dumb hottie. Guys may hook up with a moron, but they will never bring them home to meet his parents. 

Politeness is a big factor when meeting single men. Ladies, the number one turn off to a guy is text messaging your girl friends about where you are or where you are going while on a date. If you do answer your phone, it better be grandma or you have just lost his interest forever. Don’t check your phone for messages, turn it off.

Enthusiasm ranks extremely high on the ladder. If you get excited about something and begin to start talking about it, don’t play it cool and hide your feelings. Go for it. Acting cold will only turn him away.  A quote from this national dating tips survey said “if she likes me, she should be confident enough to show it.”

Discreetness. If a guy is interested in talking to you, but you are with a group of other single women, he might not be himself. So, if he shows initial interest and you have interest also, ladies, please…stand up or more the conversation somewhere more private. It’s a subtle little thing, but he will for sure appreciate it.

Show self control. If you have established that he is interested in you, don’t open the flood gates and let it all out. Show some self control. He doesn’t need your full resume at this point.

Lastly, be yourself. Single men who approach you want to do just that. He is trying to get to know you, not some weird version of yourself that only comes out on Tuesday nights. Don’t be adventurous if in fact, your not. be yourself.

Ladies, your assignment this week is to talk to a dozen single men and take notice as to the first place their eyes travel when they first encounter you. Is it your face, your butt, or your breast’s? This will give you an indication if he is interested in you or your body.

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 Best, Janis