Honeymoon Suites: Features That You Should Look Into

Honeymoon is synonymous with privacy and intimacy and a honeymoon suite offers both these elements to the couple who can afford to book a suite. A honeymoon suite is next only to a presidential suite and this shows the importance given to a honey moon suite.

There are different features of a honeymoon suite and the hotels try to compliment the honeymooners by offering several facilities. This is to help the couple get the relaxation and intimacy intended during honeymoon. The primary feature of a honeymoon suite is the king or queen sized bed which is a natural necessity during honeymoon. Some of the honeymoon suites may have a giant four poster beds like in medieval times, depicting the life of a king and maiden.

The hotels attempt to offer the ultimate in luxury and relaxation by offering a double size Jacuzzi that is large enough to fit two people at a time. Jacuzzi hot tub is large enough to allow two people enjoy the hot swirling water. Since the Jacuzzi offers a light swirling motion, it gives a pleasing and relaxing experience to the muscles and the mild heat of the water allows the couple to relax and enjoy the Jacuzzi longer.

Most of the honeymoon suites in hotels have an added facility of allowing the couple to relax while offering a breathtaking view. This view adds to the glory and serenity of the surroundings and gives blissful experience. Private spa is another prominent facility offered in a honeymoon suite. Honeymoon suites are designed with relaxation as the main objective and a private spa gives them the opportunity to pamper themselves and helps the couple find solace after a long day of hectic travel and relieve the pressures of life.

When a private spa coupled along with an aromatherapy massage is experienced, it helps to do wonders for the couple and prepare themselves for a great dinner. Since it is a known fact that aromatherapy works both on the body and the mind, it undoubtedly helps to raise the spirits of the honeymoon couple in a very positive way.

An aromatherapy massage is essential for a honeymoon couple and even if it is not offered in the hotel a private spa relieves the necessity to enjoy it without leaving the honeymoon suite. A common feature of a honeymoon suite is twenty four hour room service and having access to refresh eatables or quench their thirst or hunger with the buzz of a button makes the stay in a honeymoon suite more comfortable and enjoyable.

Generally, honeymoon couples tend to spend more, just for the sake of forgetting all the tensions and enjoying the life and a honey moon suite guarantees just that. A honeymoon suite sees to it that the couple never forgets the experience of staying in a honeymoon suite and the suite itself.