How to Re-Ignite the Lost Love in Your Marriage – You Can Do it Just Like I Did! Read This!

It is never a good feeling to realize that a marriage is on the verge of coming to an end. In fact, it is nothing short of devastating to know that you are in a marriage that you do not want to end, but your spouse seems to want to call it quits.

You being in this position is something I completely understand because not too long ago my husband seemed to lose total interest in being married to me. I really did not know what to do to try and save the marriage as nothing I tried had worked. In my mind, the divorce was a sealed deal.

Luckily, however, I was in fact able to save my marriage and actually ended up with a better union than we ever had. I must say with all confidence that any marriage can be saved based on the fact that a specific technique I had applied worked with mine. And the outcome of your situation does not need to be any different.

The technique I used was to play inaccessible in the eyes of my husband. What this meant was me giving him the impression that I was out of reach and that I had moved on. This suddenly changed his thinking and I was now more appealing to him than ever before. This strategy alone made the difference between being on the brink of a divorce and having a wonderful marriage rekindled.

There is no way we can defy the laws of the universe and nature. One such law is that people generally want what they cannot have and the fact that I appeared inaccessible to my husband made him want me even more. The sooner you apply this principle to your marriage is the sooner you will be back on track with the love of your life.