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Wedding tips for Groom:
So the big day has arrived!! Your carefree days of being the eligible bachelor are no more. It’s now times for you to start behaving as gentlemanly as possible, assume responsibilities and shed the face of your bachelorhood!

For Wear:

• For the main day wedding function you can opt for sherwanis, Jodhpuri suits and Kurta Pajamas
• Jodhpuri is very popular with the younger men. It gives the groom a regal look, and he can wear appropriate jewellery to ‘match’ that of his bride. The length of the kurta must be 2 inches below the sleeve.

• This should be worn with a narrow trouser to match the kurta, made with the same fabric. The groom has a choice of either selecting suiting material or silk, which can be plain, jacquard or jamewari, depending upon his taste, skin colour and of course, his budget.

• Sherwani is typical of North Indian and Punjabi weddings. Sherwani is long coat, buttoned up in front with Nehru collars. The sherwani falls well below the knees, and looks elegant especially if the groom is tall, and yes, the physique is perfect. Traditionally, the sherwanis worn are off-white.

• A churidar is a long fitting pyjama worn by the North Indian groom. Churidars are usually fine muslins or cottons, white in color. The traditional churidar is tied with a nara at the waist.

• The Kurta or the top is a knee length colarless shirt which is adorned inmostly white or pastel colors. But today you will find Kurtas made out of the most wonderful and colorful of fabrics. Pyjama-are like loose trousers with a string tie at the waist. Traditionally white in color.

For hair
Before your wedding it is necessary to take proper care of your hair if you have not taken care for months. It is important to have a proper look on your wedding day. Here are some tips to help you get that perfect look of your hair for your wedding.
• It is important your hair should be clean and for that dandruff should be treated with a weekly wash by a good medicated anti dandruff shampoo.
• If you have problem of hair fall than it can be treated by proper medication. Excessive hair fall is caused mainly due to severe dieting, nutritional deficiency or some other systemic cause so it is important you take proper care of your diet. Your diet should include lots of fruits and vegetables and at least drinking of 10 to 12 glass of water daily is very important.
• you should use a conditioner to give your hair that shining effect

For skin

• Skin care is an important aspect of men’s grooming. It’s important to take care of your skin, as you age because of so much of pollution, dirt, and hectic lifestyle people are not getting time to take care of their health.
• Scrub with a moisturizing effect won’t tear the skin and also gives immediate results. If your skin is dry don’t use scrub regularly it makes your skin more dry.
• Other than this you can go for a facial once in a month after the age of 25 to maintain your skin and to have a glowing effect. You can also try a home facial, which includes giving yourself a light facial massage with a soothing moisturizing cream and ice cubes, followed by steaming your face.
• To have good skin it is important to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily to flush toxins out of the system and keep your skin hydrated


• Among the other traditional accessories are knives and swords it symbolizes prestige and royalty. These ornamented wedding knives and swords are usually handcrafted.
• Kamar Patta or waistbands are elaborate handwork so as to provide a majestic appeal to the groom’s attire. It is tied around the waist of the groom when carrying the coconut during the wedding ceremony.
• sehra is another most accessory worn at the time of marriage it enhances the overall personality of the groom. Mojris are usually traditional Indian footwear it is worn with traditional Indian dressing like sherwanis and Jodhpuri suit.
• They come in different colors and designs, and are normally hand crafted. If the groom goes for western suit than to match the look he wears diamond or other semi-precious stone cufflinks, to add a touch of style and elegance